The New Style in Custom Paintball Jerseys

Published: 31st May 2010
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For some time now custom paintball jerseys have been the preferred jersey worn by amateur, semi-pro and professional paintball players alike. Custom jerseys not only allow for a team to be immediately recognized on or off the field and in photographs on popular paintball website but custom jerseys also allow teams to place logos of any participating sponsors on their jerseys. Most if not all custom paintball jerseys are manufactured using a process of sublimation in which the design for the custom jersey is done using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and then printed to sublimation paper. The design is then transferred to the fabric (essentially raw white material) and then stitched together to complete the custom jersey.

When custom paintball jerseys first became available the most featured part of the jersey was the design, the artwork, which made each jersey a one-of-a-kind. The entire selling point of the jersey wasn't the quality of the jersey, what kind of materials were used to make the jersey or the method in which the jersey was constructed. Artwork and design sold paintball jerseys. The standard custom paintball jersey has been made by a lot of different companies over the years and while graphic artists may have gotten better in how they design jerseys one thing hasn't changed. The standard custom paintball jersey manufactured by most companies is plain, poorly constructed with inferior fabrics and is not meant to last beyond a few games.

Recognizing a problem, Xternal Sports sought to revolutionize the way custom paintball jerseys were designed, engineered and constructed. With the introduction of the Pro-Style Paintball Jersey, players of all abilities were able to finally purchase a custom paintball jersey that was intended to last. Of the many things that are different between the Xternal Sports Pro-Style Jersey and other company's standard paintball jersey is first and foremost the padding. While some companies have tried to include padding into the paintball jerseys there hasn't been a company yet that has managed to embed the padding in the jersey in such a way that is durable, long-lasting and comfortable without unnecessary bulk. Also, most companies that include padding in their paintball jersey only include the padding in few area.

The Pro-Style Custom Paintball Jersey features padding that is stitched into the jersey in the chest and shoulder area as well as the upper and forearm. The unique pattern in which the padding is stitched makes the padding conform to the player which makes moving around in the jersey easy. The sleeves of the jersey also feature a unique two-piece design which makes the sleeves more durable meaning they will last longer and protect the player from turf-burns when sliding on the playing surface. The Pro-Style Jersey also features a radically different collar design that not only looks better but is actually designed to be more comfortable than the standard collar available on most paintball jerseys.

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